How much were the engineers paid to work at the Wichita aircraft companies?

Well it depended on where you worked.

An individual with 6-8 years experience at Lear Jet, $200 per week.

Same individual at Boeing, $220 per week.

Same individual at Cessna Military-Twin Division, $180 per week.

Same individual at Cessna Single Engine Division $170 per week.

Same individual at Beech $190 per week.

When Lear Jet came to Wichita, engineering salaries were boosted at all of the Wichita companies. It was an issue of supply and demand. Lear would pay to get what he needed. That put pressure on all of the companies to give raises to avoid losing their engineering talent. It was nice to be in Wichita.

To try an prevent a loss of personnel at Beech, they established a policy that if an individual left the company for Lear Jet, they could not return to Beech. Lear's reputation for high turnover and the question of Lear's survival over the long term gave pause to some.