While the Model 23 was under development, the tem "roadrunner" was applied to individuals outside the company who would patronize Bill, tell him how great he was. They wanted to be Bill's new best friend. What they did not understand was that Bill did not have "best friends". These folks, and there was quite a large number, would hang around for a period of time, then disappear.

After the airplane went into production the term was adopted by some of the early flight crews. With pride they wore roadrunner lapel pins or tie tacs.

My first ride in the Lear Jet was as co-pilot on the delivery flight of Lear Jet 23 serial 012. It was breakfast in Wichita:

Wichita to Phoenix
Phoenix to Santa Monica
Santa Monica to Portland
Portland back to Santa Monica
Dinner in Santa Monica,

This kind of mobility was unheard of in 1964...another "roadrunner" was born.

Roadrunner pins eventually gave way to gold Lear Jet pins, that were awarded to pilots who received their FAA type ratings in the Lear Jet.

This new capability would change forever the way large companies would do business.